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A bit of Georgia here and my current favourite from there for today. Atelier Kikala , a photo studio that went fashion directed by Lado Bokuchava. The designs are so fun and playful, I might totally disappear in one of these coats, but who cares they are awesome. Check out her website here.

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Yesterday I was invited by Fashion Week Budapest to participate in a workshop where Toni&Guy hairdressers presented the looks for 3 of the shows that will happen this weekend. Every time an event is organized by BigBagPR, it’s super beautiful and a lot of fun, so I couldn’t let this one go either. I was lucky enough to get to be in the part of the Dori Tomcsanyi catwalk look for F-W 2015, as it was definitely my favourite to try.

We all got our princess places and watched the creation of the runway hair, learning to do the same on ourselves which was great fun. Since I am not really into doing much with my hair, and just let my hair live it’s own live, it was quite useful to learn and try. Obviously I ended up with the tons of Toni-Team help. But, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and I can’t show you the final hair and makeup prior to the show, so you get to see my try hards below.

(big thanks and great work for the organizers and a hug to my lovely photographer!)

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I will be a party ruiner for saying this, but sharpies are scary shit. I have never ever seen anyone looking nice with no eyebrows / tattooed eyebrows / thin eyebrows / pencil filled eyebrows. As the quote says it ‘eyebrows should never be the first or the last thing people notice on you’.

Compare photos of celebrities and models who mostly rock natural everything, see and compare. Do you wanna look 10 years older? If yes, ok sure. If not, and you want to embrace your real beauty and do not have any eye brow growing issues than just flush that thing down the toilet and watch the clogging. lol.

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I tested these two products from Shiseido, as I have never tried anything from the brand before. I was and still am in a search of eye correctors and eye creams and landed on Shiseido IBUKI Eye Correcting Cream and Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector. If you want full coverage than the corrector is not your thing, but if you would like to highlight your face and give it a bit of freshness than this is the perfect product. I loved how ‘watery’ it was instantly disappearing on my skin, but on the negative note it lasted for a very short period of time. In regards to IBUKI it is also not a super intense puffiness or black circle remover, rather gives your face another touch of ‘i slept well last night’ around your eyes with its sparkly pinkish cream.

If you don’t have any issues and just want to add a bit of highlighting and look fresh and minty than this these are both the perfect products. They worked magic when I didn’t need much work on my face.

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